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Dirección: Unit 11, High View Business Ctre, High St, Bordon GU35 0AX.
Teléfono: 01420474355.
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Especialidades: Dentista, Dentista cosmético, Clínica dental, Higienista dental, Periodoncista de implantes dentales, Dental implants provider, Servicio de urgencias dentales, Teeth whitening service.
Otros datos de interés: Acceso para sillas de ruedas, Aparcamiento adaptado para sillas de ruedas, Aseo adaptado para sillas de ruedas, Aseos, Se aceptan nuevos pacientes.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 56 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 3.4/5.

Ubicación de mydentist, High Street, Bordon

mydentist, High Street, Bordon Unit 11, High View Business Ctre, High St, Bordon GU35 0AX

Horario de mydentist, High Street, Bordon

  • Lunes: 9:00–17:30
  • Martes: 9:00–19:00
  • Miércoles: 9:00–17:30
  • Jueves: 9:00–17:30
  • Viernes: 9:00–15:00
  • Sábado: Cerrado
  • Domingo: Cerrado

mydentist, High Street, Bordon es una clínica dental ubicada en la dirección Unit 11, High View Business Ctre, High St, Bordon GU35 0AX. Puedes contactarlos a través del teléfono 01420474355 o visitar su página web en

Entre sus especialidades se encuentran servicios como dentista general, dentista cosmético, clínica dental, higienista dental, periodoncista de implantes dentales, proveedor de implantes dentales, servicio de urgencias dentales y servicio de blanqueamiento dental.

Además, mydentist, High Street, Bordon ofrece facilidades para personas con movilidad reducida, como acceso para sillas de ruedas, estacionamiento adaptado y aseos adaptados. También se destacan por aceptar nuevos pacientes.

Según Google My Business, esta empresa cuenta con 56 valoraciones y una opinión media de 3.4/5.

Para aquellos que buscan una clínica dental con una amplia gama de servicios, instalaciones accesibles y una buena reputación en línea, mydentist, High Street, Bordon es una excelente opción. Su ubicación en High Street la hace conveniente para aquellos que viven o trabajan en la zona de Bordon.

Si estás buscando atención dental de calidad y variedad de servicios, no dudes en contactar a mydentist, High Street, Bordon a través de su página web. Agenda tu cita hoy mismo y cuida de tu salud bucal

Opiniones de mydentist, High Street, Bordon

mydentist, High Street, Bordon - Bordon
Lauren Cosens

I know you can never be "happy" to go to a dentist but the dentist and the nurse who saw me for my initial examination and for two fillings and and a clean today have been amazing. I put off going to the dentist for so long due to fear and all I can say is I wish I found this place sooner. Cannot comment on the NHS side of things as I am a private patient however I am happy to pay for this service. Everything explained so well and patiently! Thank you!

mydentist, High Street, Bordon - Bordon
Lauren Mansell

Awful service, I was not able to get an appointment in lockdown when I had a severe infection in my wisdom tooth which led to a lot of stress on my part - and now my whole families check-ups have been cancelled after being booked for over a year - I would love to support the NHS but almost all the dentists at this practice are going private and I will no longer be visiting this practice

mydentist, High Street, Bordon - Bordon
clive pugh

I've just had some treatment here today and I wanted to share my experience with others considering work. There seem to be a few negative comments on here and I don't think that's a fair representation of my experience.

I found the staff to be super friendly, especially given they had system failure and had to handle clients appointments manually.

I went for hygienist treatment today, which was performed by Tracey, a superbly friendly, professional and very knowledgeable person. She answered my questions with clear and concise responses which left me feeling supported and not foolish for asking.

One of the most satisfying experiences I've had, let alone at a dentist!

I genuinely don't feel the reviews on here represent the practice properly, but as they say, you can't please everyone.

I hope this helps.

mydentist, High Street, Bordon - Bordon

they are just interested in what money they can get from you.. I've never come out of that dentist feeling happy....
I have been with them for 20yrs. now I get told my appointment had been cancelled cos she has stopped doing NHS patients... GREEDY. Like I said not interested on her patients...

mydentist, High Street, Bordon - Bordon
Dark Noiz

Have been with this dentist practice for several years and always had a good experience with some really good dentists , even through lockdown when i needed emergency treatment they were great.

unfortunately they don’t seem to offer regular checkups anymore if you are an NHS patient , if i am going to have to pay i may as well use somewhere closer to home, i’m more frustrated that the children can’t get checkups either.

Update in reply to response

I think you are missing the point , we are already signed up with the practice however have been told you are unable to offer routine checkups for existing NHS patients , so we as a family are already signed up but it seems the only kind of appointment we may be able to get is an emergency appt.

So it’s seems you are getting paid for having NHS patients by the NHS but not actually offering checkups so those NHS patients if they want dental care have to pay privately - something doesn’t seem ethical about that

mydentist, High Street, Bordon - Bordon
Zizi Mason

Saw dentist Fiona Lowther today, and coming from a dentist phobic person... i have to say, as well as being a fab dentist and resolving the issue, she is kind, gentle, keeps you informed and is incredibly reassuring. If only I had been going to her for the last 40 years, my teeth would be in much better shape.?

mydentist, High Street, Bordon - Bordon

Thank you to Kelly for my treatment today.

She explained the treatment plan, provided detail in the X-rays and did a very thorough job. Although it was a little uncomfortable at times (lots of blood!) - I am overall very pleased with the treatment. My gums and teeth instantly felt and looked better after today’s treatment. I now have a treatment plan which I will do to the letter to keep my gums strong and healthy. Thank you Kelly.

mydentist, High Street, Bordon - Bordon
Floyd Kelly-Lord

I have been seeing Mrs Gandhi here for several years, and she is a great dentist. My wife and son see her too. Admittedly, the reception staff have needed a better bedside manner at times, but i'm sure some of their clients aren't overly pleasant to them! Would definitely recommend.